Welcome to The Savory Butcher Meat Co-op - the Cleverish Meat Company

What makes us so cleverish?

First, we are a community of like-minded carnivores that want to get the best meats for less. And we do this by coming together and purchasing directly from the farm with the power of group buying in bulk.

This simple change in how we buy meat is saving us hundreds per year, but giving us the chance to eat much better meats.

You can be a part of it too, just by joining with your community and taking part in the buying power we have together. Not only are you helping yourself to better prices for better meat, but you are helping your neighbor too!

Why Are We Cleverish?

Fresh Quality Fresh, real, natural meat (nothing added)

Safety Direct from farm. No grocery store warehouses, no weeks long storage, no middlemen handling and repacking. Packed from farmer, direct to your trunk.

Consistency Reliable quality and taste your family can rely on month after month, always serving up the best every meal.

Value Consistently AMAZING prices because it’s bulk wholesale buying.

Peace of Mind With the above combined factors and more found on our website, rest assured you are in good hand’s with your family’s meat purchases.

Gold Standard Gold Standard Conventional meats line AND Gold Standard Organic/Grass fed line

How It Works In 3 Easy Steps

1: Place An Order Online

Place an order online for the products you want.

2: Pick-up Your Order

Pick-up your order at any of the locations.

3: Enjoy!

Enjoy our products with your family and friends!

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