Savory Sampler Mixed Box

$4.95/lb* $99.00/case (20 lbs)

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Are you excited about the possibility of buying wholesale in bulk to experience what all of this crazy meat buying buzz is about but a little unsure of what products you want or even the bulk quantity?

Well, Savory Butcher comes to the rescue when it comes to meat buying yet again with our Savory Sampler mixed boxes!

We are THRILLED to be offering a good chunk of each of our most popular products in one compact 20-25 lb box of meats for one screaming' low price! This is about a month's worth of meats for a family of 4.

That means getting most of your meats for the month for only $99!

But that's not all! This product has already been freezer prepped and packed in vacuum sealed sous vide bags already, which means you place right into the freezer without any extra work. Then when meal time comes, you can boil and cook right in the bag.

In fact, Erle (one of the Savory Butcher Co-founders) shows you an unboxing of this awesome box of meat goodies, along with how to cook in the vacuum sealed sous vide bags.

Check out that unboxing and cooking video here:

No matter what your heart desires, this is a good way to try our signature staple products.

Looking for just chicken breast? Try our Savory Chicken Box that is also freezer ready in individual 2 lb and 3 lb sous vide bags and in half the case size as our fresh boxes.

If you are ready to go all in, we would suggest trying our meats completely fresh in the 30 lb and 40 lb bulk boxes to package and meal prep exactly the way you want


What's in a box?

- Individually hand packed Savory Butcher meats in a USDA certified kitchen by certified food handlers. - Already frozen individually - Around 10 lbs of natural boneless, skinless chicken breast - Around 5 lbs of natural ground beef (you will find a mixture of either packs of 2.5 - 3 lbs in 81/19 and/or 2.5 - 3 lbs in 93/7) - Around 6 lbs of uncured in two 3-lb packs - All vacuumed sealed and packed in 2-3 lb portions in sous vide cooking bags for optimal cooking, freezing and storing conditions - This makes for a total between 21 and 25 lbs of pre-packed and portioned mixed meats.

Please note, the photos show how the typical box comes packaged, but each box will have a slightly different selection. This is like a "Meats Grab Bag."

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