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Fresh Boneless Chicken Breasts

$1.99/lb $79.60/case (40 lbs)
Average Price $3.49/lb Save $60.00
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Product Details

If you want to grab our signature gold label boneless, skinless chicken breast but want an opportunity to save a little more per pound, then we recommend ordering the untrimmed version of the same product. This product requires a bit of sweat equity but yields some extra savings for trimming it yourself.

This chicken product comes nearly the exact same way as our fully trimmed chicken, except that it is butterflied and still has some fat and trimmings that will need to be trimmed off by hand. Our other chicken option that is already fully trimmed by hand, but this product skips this step so you can save a little more money and do it yourself. Check out the second picture for an example of how it comes.

You will still be receiving that natural, high quality, top-shelf, gold label chicken breast for your family to enjoy. As with all of our products, we have chosen the top quality chicken breast that is so fresh and good, you can both see and taste the difference! We know that you will love it too! Just like out trimmed bulk chicken breast option, this product is also natural and not filled with anything extra.

  • Completely fresh from farm, never frozen
  • 40 lb. box, divided in 10 lb. bags
  • Raised without the routine use of antibiotics important to human medicine
  • No added hormones
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No added preservatives
  • Minimally processed

Nutrition Facts

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17 Customer Reviews

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– Jessica Deer Park, Washington
Repeat Purchaser Verified Purchase
Just purchased my second box of this chicken--our family LOVES it. It has an amazing flavor and texture--sooooo much better than grocery store. The savings are fantastic in buying this untrimmed product, but honestly, it's not a whole lot of work to trim and cut them up. I like that I can cut them up to package and freeze in the way that will be convenient for our family meals. Also--I absolutely LOVE the convenience of ordering from SB and picking up. I drive up to the trailer and pop the trunk and the guys load me up with a I go!
– Perry Moscow, Idaho
Verified Purchase
My first purchase. Not much had to be trimmed on these. They were very easy to process and vacuum seal. Also great product will be ordering more soon
– Janet Hayden, Idaho
Repeat Purchaser Verified Purchase
This is my second box of the chicken breast and they are beautiful. They are HUGE!!! A real plus is they don't have that smell that store bought chicken has. Will definitely be ordering more of these.
– Anna Katy, Texas
Repeat Purchaser Verified Purchase
Fresh. Juicy and so good. No sulphuric smell like the grocery stores and never cooks up dry. I’m a customer for life.
– Jenny McKinney, Texas
Repeat Purchaser Verified Purchase
I love this chicken! It's delicious and at a great price! Keep coming to Texas!
– Denise Longmont, CO
Verified Purchase
With a large family buying is bulk is a must. So glad to have this option and at such a great price!
– KATHY Saint George, Utah
Verified Purchase
Picked up my first order of boneless chicken breasts today. I like that I only had to put down a $10 deposit when I ordered. I like that the balance of the amount wasn't due until about a week before pickup. I did have to use my GPS to find the pickup location but now that I have been there, it will be easy to find in the future. The chicken breasts needed very little trimming and looked to be a nice size. I am positive that 1/2 a breast will feed my husband and I and some of the larger breasts would feed the three of us when my daughter comes for dinner. I want to try the 93/7 hamburger and am hoping they will start offering the Argentine shrimp soon.
– Dolly Onalaska, WA
Verified Purchase
Very happy with this product. Love how it was packaged in four manageable bags. Had very little trimming to do. Highly recommend this company for bulk meat. I will be buying from them again.
– Alan Boise, Idaho
Repeat Purchaser Verified Purchase
This is my third time ordering these Chicken Breasts. The two boxes I picked up today, the breasts were in a vacuumed sealed bags. So much better then the first order that were in open bags which leaked all over my car and house. Thanks for sealing them.
– Edward Puyallup, WA
Verified Purchase
If you like big breasts you will love SB chicken breasts . They are so big and tasty at a really great price . They really make a great pot of chicken soup.
– Melissa Woodburn, Oregon
Verified Purchase
I was missing my old delivery van from a former company (I think we're all familiar with) but was leery to risk again. I'm glad Savory Butcher has stepped in to fill the gap!! I LOVE that I only need to give a $10 deposit right at ordering and that my budget wont get hit until closer to delivery (so i keep my budget in the right month). I picked up my first box today! Bummed they no longer come to Woodburn, and bummed that much of mine was semi frozen making processing more challenging, but super happy to have this service back. Hopefully the freezing challenges (that I know were sometimes present with the former service too) will get resolved soon!
– Chad Baytown, TX
Repeat Purchaser Verified Purchase
Glad to be able to get bulk chicken at a decent price again. Great quality, looking forward to continued deliveries.
– Timothy Baytown, Texas
Verified Purchase
Great big breasts looks great better then. Store
– Randi Oregon City, OR
Repeat Purchaser Verified Purchase
We got our first box just two days ago. I had prepared for a lot of trimming work. This was great chicken with hardly anything to trim off. I love that it wasn't frozen and it was perfectly fresh. We had some that night while I was wrapping for the freezer. It was so good just fried. My poor dog was devastated to see so little cut off of so much meat. Barely a tiny handful for the fur friend. The pick up was super easy and he was very friendly, even loaded it for me. Will be ordering more as I gear up to start canning. Extremely happy and have already started telling my friends where they can get way better chicken than the store.
– Stacy Lakewood, CO
Repeat Purchaser Verified Purchase
These things are huge!!! I got 80lbs so I could can the majority, ground up some and froze a couple setsof breasts. Highly recommend. I feel most boneless skinless chicken has a weird taste/aftertaste to it but this didn’t have that.
– Heather Longview, Washington
Repeat Purchaser Verified Purchase
This was my first order and I was very pleased. I was a loyal Zaycon customer from day 1 and was very disappointed when it all came crashing down. These are just a little smaller than the chicken breasts that Zaycon sold originally, but the quality is good. There was very little to trim off, not that it's a hardship to do. I cooked two up the day I got them, cutting them in half length-wise to make 4 and they were just like I'd hoped. They didn't shrink like the chicken breasts you buy at the store and the flavor was just like it should be. I split an order with my family 3 ways to try them out and will be trying other products as well. Thank you!
– Glenda Centralia, Washington
Repeat Purchaser Verified Purchase
We got our first order from Savory Butcher and will definitely order again. Even the less trimmed chicken was beautiful! Can't wait to see the referral program, I have lots of friends who will love this!

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