Fresh Boneless Chicken Breasts

$1.89/lb $75.60/case (40 lb)

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If you want to grab our signature gold label boneless, skinless chicken breast but want an opportunity to save a little more per pound, then we recommend ordering the untrimmed version of the same product. This product requires a bit of sweat equity but yields some extra savings for trimming it yourself. 

This chicken product comes nearly the exact same way as our fully trimmed chicken, except that it is butterflied and still has some fat and trimmings that will need to be trimmed off by hand. Our other chicken option that is already fully trimmed by hand, but this product skips this step so you can save a little more money and do it yourself. Check out the second picture for an example of how it comes.

You will still be receiving that natural, high quality, top-shelf, gold label chicken breast for your family to enjoy. This is a top shelf quality chicken breast option where you can see and taste the difference.  We are sure that you will agree that the taste of our fresh chicken beats most out there. Not to mention, it's natural and not filled with anything extra. So you are getting an amazing product too!

  • Completely fresh from farm, never frozen
  • 40 lb. box, divided in 10 lb. bags
  • Raised without the routine use of antibiotics important to human medicine
  • No added hormones
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No added preservatives
  • Minimally processed
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