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Strip Steaks

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Product Details

Truely a flavor sensation when steak is the desired main course. High end restaurant quality in your own home. Consistent and delicious every time. Easy preparation and individual packaging make this the go to item in your home freezer.

The boneless steaks shall be prepared from any beef short loin, or boneless strip loin item, provided the item meets the end requirements of item. All bones and cartilages shall be excluded.

Frozen 12 oz strip steaks, 14 per case, 10lb case


PACKAGING BETTER Target Steak Size: 12 oz 

Steaks Per Package:  1

Packages Per Box:  14

Avg Net Weight: lbs. 10

Case Dimensions: in. 20x10.5x4 in

Date: Will be on product label. 

Label Placement: 

Product intended for retail will have the safe handling, nutritional and product label applied to each piece.  The product label with weight will be applied to the PDP of each case. 


The Savory Butcher Chophouse line  of marble enriched beef is so  good you have to taste it to  believe it. 

The process accentuates  

natural marbling for notably  tender and juicy beef, elevating  the quality of the cuts without  elevating the cost. We outscore  higher cuts of meat in virtually  every scenario.  

Nutrition Facts

Strip Steaks nutrition facts.


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– Roberta Everett, WA
Verified Purchase
I was dissapointed in the strip steaks. The flavor is great! But, too much grizle and parts were tough. Only a small portion of the steak is easy to eat at medium rare. I expected them to be more tender without any tough areas. :-(

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