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100% Grass Fed/Finished Beef Box

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Stop paying $12 - $15 a lb for an absolutely top of the line premium beef product. We are the direct source from farm to trunk, working with a 4th generation, small family farm to bring you the best ground beef & steak products for less with the power of group buying in bulk.

Our premium 100% grass fed and grass finished ground beef & steak products are non-GMO, no added hormones of any kind, no antibiotics, from a 4th generation small family farm.

These grass fed cows are well cared for with ethical farming practices that uses organic methods to raise their small herd of cattle. Along with non-GMO grass that is grown by the family farm themselves, they are fed minerals and salts for added nutrition to the cattle and thus makes an even better meat.

What you end up with after two years of natural growth is a beautiful, marbled, healthy beef product.

We work with this farm to provide the best of the best to our customers. Making a superior ground beef option for our 100% grass fed community members. This ground beef comes in about 1 lb each frozen packs, for approximately 12 lb of ground beef.

Our remaining products in the 15 lb box are in the form of various cuts of steak that are well over $20 per lb retail as they are the high end cuts and quality.

Please note that our grass-fed farmer produces these products in small batches. So there will be slight differences in the steak offerings per box, but this is the goal we are trying to do, while reaching about 3 lbs. total in steaks. But each box is subject to be different based on supply. We do this so that we can keep the production small to ensure the best tasting and quality, no matter the cuts we get (don't we all wish a cow had nothing but ribeye cuts?)

In addition to the ground beef each box will have approximately these products, not limited to these cuts and subject to change based on availability, but regardless, there will be 3 lbs of premium steak cuts per box.

  • 2 Tenderloin Medallions that are in the range of 2-4 oz total
  • 2 Top Sirloin Steaks that are in the range of 12-16 oz
  • 2 Ribeye or 2 New York that are in the range of6-12 oz

Please note, the total weight in steaks will be a minimum of 3 lbs

Our premium 100% grass fed/finished beef box is a mixed box with 15 lb total, all individually packaged and already frozen.

Nutrition Facts

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– Ryan Portland, Oregon
Verified Purchase
Loved this box. Beef is pre packed in one pound tubes. Steaks were individually packaged, thawed fast and were delicious. I’ll get this again.

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