Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your meats come from?

We work with and choose farms that meet our high standards including humane and ethical farming practices. Our chicken comes from Wayne Farms. Our beef comes from National Beef and our bacon comes from Smithfield, in the strict pork practices. In addition, all farms and animals that we use are American raised and stay in America. None of our meats come from other countries, nor are any of them butchered in other countries and sent to us. They are all 100% American raised.

How many pounds of meat are in each order?

Each box of conventional chicken breast, 81/19 ground beef and 93/7 ground beef comes in 40 pound boxes. Our premium natural bacon comes in 30 pound box and each slice is 3x’s thicker than the average bacon slice. The fresh uncured smoked bacon comes in a 15 pound box.

Why do I have to order in such large quantities?

This is the trick to get the pricing we can get. It’s just like most anything in life, the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. We buy it from the farms in the cases that a grocery store would buy it. And then instead of us breaking the meats down into smaller packages, we just pass the savings onto you and allow you to use the fresh meats how you desire for your family’s needs. If we were to break down the cases of meat ourselves and offer smaller packages we would need a whole new set of licensing, USDA certified facilities and a few more hoops to handle the meat ourselves and thus be more like a grocery store and have to charge more. Instead, we are a direct from the farm co-op and these are the requirements to operate this way.

How much are your meats? Are they really 30-50% less than the grocery store and membership stores, and up to 80% less than the home delivery services?

Yes! Our pricing is straightforward and easy! There are no pricing mysteries, cost per serving, mysterious box sizes, or mysterious serving amounts on our pricing. This makes it simple to realize that we truly do have the lowest prices for this quality and grade of meats. We encourage you to visit our comparison page to see the comparisons clearly.

What happens if my order isn’t exactly the advertised weight?

Because it is in bulk, it can be difficult to get the price EXACTLY right on the head. But no worries. We have taken care of this. If your case is just over the advertised weight consider it a gift. If it is under the advertised weight, your price will adjusted based off the actual weight and you will be refunded the amount you are missing.

Why do our prices change?

We are a bulk, wholesale community meat co-op. As such, our prices change as the farmers change the prices on us. The wholesale meat market is a commodity that fluctuates in price like gasoline does based on many factors.

Because we keep our prices low and close as possible to the prices the farmers give us, it’s a trickle-down effect. For example, during the winter months, when the price of raising animals goes up, ours also goes up.

Retail already has a huge markup, as they account for these increases to keep prices the same and make room for their sales.

Our goal is to always get our communities the best prices for the best products, which is why we will see increases in the price at different times of the year. And when the prices from our suppliers go down, ours will too!