My name is Heidi St. John. I am a community leader in the area of Battle Ground, WA 98604 for The Savory Butcher farm fresh meats co-op

What is The Savory Butcher?

The Savory Butcher is a community based meat co-op, meaning we can get huge discounts on great quality meats with the power of group buying in bulk. Specifically, with our community coming together, we can get comparable "top shelf" quality meat for 30-50% less than the grocery store because we can bypass the grocery store and go directly to the farm.

As a community leader, I am the advocate for our area to work towards having The Savory Butcher Meat Co-op to bring the best of farm fresh meats, directly from the farm to our community for a pickup in our local area.

But to do this we need to be able to fill a truck to get a truck to stop.

What does this take?

To get a truck to our area, we need at least 40 people show interest in ordering in one specific neighborhood/zip code. Once we have 40 people per zip code, and 5 neighboring communities that have met the same goal, we can fill a truck and send it to the area to bring us all of this high quality meat!

Please fill out the form below, which is like a "petition" and your way of saying you would support the co-op and participate in ordering when it comes to our area.

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If you would like additional information about how this all started, you can read this article from the blogger that co-founded this co-op.

Also, check out more about who The Savory Butcher is in their FAQ.

You can see the current selection of meats below.
Please note, product selection will increase as interest increases too!

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