About Savory Butcher

Who We Are Primarily

We are a community of families that want to provide better quality meats for our tables. It works because we come together in groups from different communities and together have the power of group buying in bulk. That group buying power allows us to fill a refrigerated truck full of farm fresh meats that stops in parking lots near our community members in each area. The community members meet the truck and pick up their bulk meat orders. We are like a cooperative because we bring the prices down to 30-50% less than the grocery store by operating this way.

So we are a community first and foremost!

But How Did This All Start?

A Mom Blogger and a Local Small Business Owner

The Savory Butcher was a partnership between a mom blogger, Cassie Michael, and a local small business owner, Erle Adams. One Summer day in 2018, they had a conversation about wanting to provide great quality meats direct from farm to families all over for a discounted price - to fill the void after a company who had done something similar closed its doors. This time, however, their goal was to fix the problems the prior company created: make the process smoother, eliminate paying far in advance, provide better quality (similar to what the prior company offered at it's beginning and lost later) and even provide a line of organic products. Yes, we heard and listened to the community with the goal of creating something to serve the community well.

Thus, The Savory Butcher was born!

We have been delivering farm fresh meats to families all over since September 2018 as we strive to make the best quality meats accessible and affordable to as many families as possible. Although Erle and Cassie started this company, The Savory Butcher as a company is a community that our customers are building, working in communities as a cooperative across the country.

About Cassie

Cassie's first and primary job is being a mom to her six kids at home. But while being "mom" first and foremost, she has a passion for helping people make the best use of their money in whatever project she takes on. When it comes to food, she is both a budget-conscious and health-conscious shopper and wants to provide the best quality for her family for less.

She has also been the blogger behind the blog TheThriftyCouple.com for nine years with her husband. In that time, she has reached millions with a healthy, frugal living tips and ideas. She is also a co-author of The 2% Rule To Get Debt Free Fast book that is filled with lots of ideas and ways to save to become debt-free and meet financial goals. One of those topics discussed in her book is the idea behind food co-ops.

She has talked about food co-ops for years on her blog as one of the primary ways she saves on good food for her family time and again. But since there was a sudden void in the summer of 2018 for this type of option for families everywhere when it came to meats, her new passion became helping families in another new way by helping to fill this major void. Meat is one of a family's grocery staples and this is the best and consistent way to save on this diet staple, thus it became a new passion for Cassie!

Cassie acts as the CMO of The Savory Butcher, LLC while being the CEO at home.

About Erle

Erle is a Spokane native and the son of a successful businessman and a local business owner in Eastern Washington. Along with being a business owner, like Cassie, Erle was a faithful customer of a former meat company's products and his family relied on these products each month. So when there was a sudden void, Erle was also in a situation where he wanted to find a solution again for families everywhere.

Erle is a food connoisseur and a self-taught chef that is the life of any dinner party because everyone wants to eat his food creations. That makes him a perfect candidate for being a co-founder of Savory Butcher. Having the BEST meats available for your food creations is the only way to cook and serve those you love!

Erle has 6 kids and a dog that is pretty sure she is the most important kid of Erle's. When Erle is not running Savory Butcher or spending time with his family (and his dog) Erle enjoys spending time with his family and exploring the scenery and sites of the North West on his bike.

Erle is the Chief Operations Officer of The Savory Butcher.

Is The Savory Butcher Zaycon?

This is the biggest question we receive so we are addressing it in both our FAQ and in our About Us page. We get it. In fact we get it well. We started The Savory Butcher because of the void that Zaycon left behind when they closed.

Cassie and Erle knew each other because of Zaycon. Cassie is a blogger who talks about saving money ideas and talking about Zaycon on her blog became a popular topic. Erle worked for Zaycon from October 2016 to December of 2017 and his job was to connect with bloggers and provide a blogger program on behalf of Zaycon as Zaycon knew reaching bloggers was a good marketing strategy and Erle was the employee responsible for this department. Since Zaycon was a very popular topic on Cassie's blog, Cassie and Erle talked frequently so Cassie could provide the best and most accurate information to her readers about Zaycon. Erle left in 2017, 7 months before Zaycon closed. Erle was an employee of Zaycon, but his time at Zaycon did provide insight into how to create something similar in The Savory Butcher. Cassie was a customer of Zaycon for 8 years and became very familiar with the product and service from the customer side.

Together, Erle and Cassie could provide a powerhouse of experience and knew exactly what they wanted to do differently to make for a better company and experience.

In October of 2018, Erle and Cassie made a big exciting move to invite Mike Conrad to the Savory Butcher team, the original owner and manager of Zaycon from 2015 to previous to join the Savory Butcher Family. Mike said, "YES!," which is a massive blessing and joy to have the original creator and founder of this model of buying meats on our team!

About Mike

Mike has also learned from his mistake of getting corporate investors, who ultimately pushed him out of management and pressured to resign his CEO position in 2015. Then this new managing member team subsequently drove Zaycon to the ground. We are so excited and blessed to have his expertise because when he ran Zaycon Foods from 2010-2015, it was ran well, with high quality, high customer satisfaction and additional benefits we all recognized and loved. We have the benefit of having Mike's expertise as well as learning from his mistakes to take this company to a place Zaycon could never go!

Mike is also a Spokane native and acts as the CEO of The Savory Butcher.

Ken S. and Brandon M.

Ken is Cassie's little brother! Ken and Brandon are partners in multiple business endeavors and both are very smart businessmen in Jackson, MI. Cassie and Ken work closely together week after week to bring the very best experience for the website and for the marketing so that the Savory Butcher community can enjoy the very best experience online to match the products they receive. Ken and Brandon are partners in their local-based businesses and are mentors for Cassie and Erle, bringing to the table years of experience both with the failures and successes!

Ken has started several successful businesses in the past and Cassie and Erle feel massively blessed to have Ken and Ken's partner, Brandon, be a very important key piece to a business that is ran with integrity, experience, and a love for the community. Ken and Brandon's business is a community based business in the Jackson MI area. And what a dream to work with your little brother!

Ken acts as marketing lead and Brandon as technical lead for The Savory Butcher and they joined the team in February 2019.

The Savory Butcher Team

The rest of the Savory Butcher team is primarily made up of stay-at-home moms across the country! Since Cassie is a WAHM, one of the goals she had when starting was to not only bless families all over with the best meats for the best prices, but also provide ways for moms all over to be able to stay home with their kids and help the family's economy by earning from home.


Calli is a former school teacher who is now stay-at-home mom to 2 adorable little boys age 1 and 4. Calli is also Cassie's baby sister has been the first and with Cassie and Erle from the beginning. When this was a team of a few in the beginning, Calli was one of those! She has been here since day #2 and Calli is in charge of logistics and locations coordinator. She is behind the scenes making it possible for those trucks to come to a parking lot near you! Cassie and Erle could not have done this without Calli's behind-the-scenes work!


Josie is Erle's wife, so has naturally been with us from the beginning. You likely have had the opportunity to meet her smiling face at one of our pickups as she very frequently will come on site to help out! While she is helping with deliveries, Josie actually takes care of most of our Customer Service needs. She is great with the people that are building Savory Butcher and loves this community so much! She and Erle have 6 kids, 2 still at home and lives in Spokane.


Vanessa is a stay-at-home mom to 4 amazing kids from age 3-15. Vanessa found the Savory Butcher through the grass roots Facebook group in her local community. She was one of the first members and first customers. She voluntarily stepped up to help answer questions and provide assistance to the Savory Butcher community. When the time came for official help, Cassie reached out to Vanessa first to offer her the position of Executive Assistant because of how she stood out in the community group as a help and blessing to all! Vanessa has been a part of the Savory Butcher Team since January 2019 and is the direct assistant to Cassie. Vanessa is a Georgia native, but currently lives in Utah! In fact, 1 month into Vanessa and Cassie's working relationship, they found out that they are practically neighbors, living only a couple of blocks from each other. This has been a surprise blessing, having the opportunity to work face-to-face!


Lindsay is designer and WordPress developer, as well as a mom of 2 highly energetic boys. Her focus is on creating empowering and conversion-focused tools for the business. She lives in the sunshine state with her family and enjoys visiting all of the local theme parks with them. Cassie and Lindsay met in September 2018 a couple of months after Savory Butcher started. Once Savory Butcher grew enough to have a designer and developer on staff, Lindsay was Cassie's first pick! Lindsay calls the great state of Florida home!


Alexandrea is a new mom of one sweet baby boy! She is also a Pinterest pro and manages the Savory Butcher Pinterest page. Alex has been in the online blogging, and mom influencer world for several years, supporting bloggers in their online marketing efforts. She joined the team in February 2019. Alex is also an expert affiliate marketer and so in addition to managing our Pinterest, Alex is a Savory Butcher affiliate manager for our top bloggers and affiliates! Alex calls the great state of Mississippi home!


Josie is a successful blogger in the great state of California (or SOCAL). She is in the same niche' as Cassie and Cassie have known each other for nearly a decade, being in the same blogging circles. Josie recently found a passion and love for Facebook and Facebook marketing. Josie was a huge fan and promoter of the former company as a blogger as well. So Josie felt the bad sting of them closing. When she discovered what Cassie was doing, she called Cassie up and said "I want to help you because I love what you are doing and I have a passion for it too!" and now Cassie and Josie work very closely together to help spread the word about Savory Butcher with the online world, as well as to our fellow blogging friends. Josie not only works closely with Cassie, handles Facebook marketing, but she also is one of the affiliate managers to support our super fine group of online influencers, wearing many hats for the Savory Butcher team! But when you are passionate, you will find a way to make dreams come true! Josie calls SoCal home as she gets to work from home with her 3 amazing kids and blogs at:


Taylor is a work-at-home mom to one little girl and expecting her second child. She is a phenomenal web designer that has given Savory Butcher it's gorgeous look from April 2019 and beyond that has gotten rave reviews. Taylor calls the great state of Michigan home


Carol is the sweetest and most kind ladies you will ever meet! She is a former Zaycon employee and she is past retirement age, but needs to support herself and her ill adult daughter her lives with her, whom she provides daily care for. Carol has a self-less heart as she cares for so many. While at Zaycon, she had the ability to work from home to help with logistics and finding locations for the trucks to come. So when Zaycon closed, she lost her job and was put in a very tough financial situation. She learned about Savory Butcher and reached out to Cassie asking for a job as a former Zaycon employee that was burned by their closure. Cassie brought Carol on as soon as she could. Carol was also partially responsible for Mike coming aboard as she had nothing but rave reviews of him, his character and his work ethic and said Mike needs to be a part of The Savory Butcher! We are thrilled to have Carol part of our team, while working from home to care for her daughter. She works closely with Calli behind-the-scenes to make this all happen! Carol calls Spokane WA home!


Rorie is an experienced Social Media Specialist with a proven belief that keeping it real in the social media industry is the best way to expect and experience success. Integrity, authenticity, logic, and dedication are key qualities that she incorporates into her work and personal life. Because of her solid authentic approach to social media, Rorie is our Instagram account manager as our connection to our community in a real way through pictures and stories. Rorie lives in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Georgia with her five kids. In addition to providing for her family, serving in her church, and copious amounts of hiking, she is currently pursuing her degree in Applied Management at Brigham Young University - Idaho.


Lynne is our newest team member from the sunny state of AZ! Lynne and Cassie have been friends for a few years, both being homeschool moms! Lynne is a mother of 5, most of which are adults and leaving the nest. Lynne has found herself wanting to help provide a little bit of financial support in this next stage of her life for her family and her husband who is a Pastor in Phoenix, AZ, but be able to work from home. Lynne is a super fun, bubbly, extra social, lovable lady and so when the need arose for more Customer Service agents, Lynne was Cassie's first pick because she is incredibly fun to talk to! If you have a Customer Service need, you may find this adorable agent with a Scottish accent on the other end! Lynne calls the great state of Arizona home.


Ethan is the backbone of our online presence! Savory Butcher would not be possible without the efforts of our programmer Ethan! He has built our website from the ground up close to the beginning of our company! He has created some special features to make the whole process smoother and easy for our community members. Ethan is a work-at-home dad to two little boys, ages 5-7, and calls the great state of Washington home!


Jared is our graphics designer for our signs, fliers, uniforms, anything design related to our physical products and some online materials. Jared is an enthusiastic, kind and helpful member of the team, uplifting everyone with his positive thoughts and actions! He is a work-at-home dad that calls Washington home.


Jeff is a brilliant videographer that writes, films and edits the Savory Butcher videos. He loves the products, our story and the people and he has been an integral part of helping to spread the news far and wide! He has a brilliant perspective to our unique model! He is a homeschool dad to 3 little kids outside of Park City Utah.

As most of the Savory Butcher Team work a few hours at home each week to make Savory Butcher happen, we are a growing and budding family, even across the states and miles.

The Savory Butcher Team welcomes you to the Savory Butcher family whether as a customer, affiliate or a future contractor/employee! We love our communities, all of those above that help make this possible and all of our amazing customers!

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