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Drive to the convenient location you choose on your designated pickup day, then quite literally, bring home the bacon.

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You just drive up, stay in your car, and we load your car up for you. It's that easy! This might just be your new favorite life hack. Unless you're one of those people that actually enjoys venturing through a grocery store.

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Thousands of Moms Can't Be Wrong.
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Excellent chicken and bacon at AMAZING prices! The chicken is trimmed and ready to go, the bacon is delicious! Everyone should be taking advantage of this deal!

Meredith Jones

I picked up my chicken yesterday, I didn't even need to get out of my car. the chicken was excellent quality, and it was a great price.

Denise Weaver

Ordering was a snap, pick up was seamless, and most importantly the meat is amazing. The chicken is completely trimmed and ready to go and the 93/7 beef I ordered is great quality. Just ordered already! You will love it!!

Amber Preece

Ordering was easy, pickup was easy and the price was great! I am So impressed by the chicken I received. It came already trimmed which was a huge time saver for me. I just bagged into portions for our family and stuck it in the freezer. I didn’t meal prep this order at all.

Ginny Clark
Farm Barn Header Image
Farm Barn Header Image


Like you, we too have families and friends that we love sharing good laughs and delicious meals with. Savory Butcher is a Co Op style meat delivery company that believes in bringing back community.

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